Apr 28

Let’s Celebrate! 5000 people can’t be wrong: we are truly NOT alone.

partyToday I taught a class on d.i.y. publishing. While you all probably know that I edited and contributed to Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, you may not know that I published the book through my small publishing company, DRT Press, which I started in 2003. I now have 5 books under my belt (3 successful, one so-so, and one a terrible flop), 2 more to come out this year, and 3 more in the works. So yes, people sometimes come to the workshops I have on how they can publish books of their own.

Anyway, at the workshop I was talking about how many, many hours I’ve put into marketing Easy to Love but Hard to Raise and one of the participants asked me how much money I estimate I’ve made per hour when all was said and done and I QUICKLY said I don’t want to do the math because it would be pennies…but two minutes later I was showing them this blog and the Facebook page and I saw the number 4999 and I REMEMBERED: It’s not the money. It’s the community. Because while yes, of course we created a book to make money, the added, spectacular bonus that has come from the book and the blog is knowing that ALL OF YOU are out there! Every single day someone writes and says ‘thank you for what you do.’ EVERY DAY.

So, in honor of that 4999 turning to 5000 connections, I want to give something back. And what I have to give are books! Yay, books! I will mail out 5! So enter. You’ll probably win!

Here’s how it will work. YOU will comment on this blog post and tell us one great thing that being part of our community has done for you. Include your email address – it’s ok to say adrienne (at) whatever.com if you are worried about spammers but you have to put an email address or I have no way to contact you. To win you also have to be part of our Facebook community – so if you’re coming at this give-away another way, be sure to hop on over there and LIKE us.

And that’s it! I’ll give a book away every day this week, starting tomorrow the 29th.

Love you! ~Adrienne


Nov 14

Wiggle seat giveaway!

Picture is from Amazon. Giveaway discs are blue and green, pre-owned (but barely used).

A million years ago (actually, 2 1/2) when J was in school I bought him these wiggle seat discs to use in school to try to help him stay seated. For kids with sensory issues or fidget or movement needs, seats like this can help give kids the proprioceptive input they crave.

They helped him, kind of. They also served as something to throw, something the teacher had to confiscate, and something to poke his pencil into when he was bored.

In other words, they didn’t work for HIM, but they may work for YOU!

Given our failure and my desire to get rid of stuff we don’t need (not to mention stuff that can be used as a giant, puffy frisbee) I am giving away 2 Isokinetics 14″ balance exercise discs with the textured surface. One is blue and one is green and YES they are used, but barely. I got rid of the one he popped with a pencil, and the other 2 have been sitting my my attic for the last 2 years.

Here’s how you win:

  1. Join our forum: http://www.easytolovebut.com/mybb/
  2. Post your introduction.
  3. Come back here and post your username.
  4. Done! Winners will be chosen at the end of the month.