Wiggle seat giveaway!

Picture is from Amazon. Giveaway discs are blue and green, pre-owned (but barely used).

A million years ago (actually, 2 1/2) when J was in school I bought him these wiggle seat discs to use in school to try to help him stay seated. For kids with sensory issues or fidget or movement needs, seats like this can help give kids the proprioceptive input they crave.

They helped him, kind of. They also served as something to throw, something the teacher had to confiscate, and something to poke his pencil into when he was bored.

In other words, they didn’t work for HIM, but they may work for YOU!

Given our failure and my desire to get rid of stuff we don’t need (not to mention stuff that can be used as a giant, puffy frisbee) I am giving away 2 Isokinetics 14″ balance exercise discs with the textured surface. One is blue and one is green and YES they are used, but barely. I got rid of the one he popped with a pencil, and the other 2 have been sitting my my attic for the last 2 years.

Here’s how you win:

  1. Join our forum: http://www.easytolovebut.com/mybb/
  2. Post your introduction.
  3. Come back here and post your username.
  4. Done! Winners will be chosen at the end of the month.

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29 thoughts on “Wiggle seat giveaway!

  1. I have joined the forum. Username is cbader. Thanks!! Love the forum its awesome!!

  2. Awesome idea to encourage attention to homework……ps…..love the book……xoxo

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the chance! Would love to see if these work for my ETL son! 🙂 username is holloway5KY

  4. User name mks1997 our ot has recoded one just unemployed and can’t buy one would love to win one thank you for all you do

  5. I’m on the forum as TAndrews. Would love to try this with Little Man. He does really well with weighted items.

  6. So glad this site is available. It is nice to know others are out there and going through the same things. Thank you!! I just registered. allisonb210

  7. user name is midnightwalk30

    I want to say thank you for the chnace at this give away.

  8. Hi, I joined the forum yesterday–name: smidgentigre

    I think one of these might help our son. THANKS 🙂

  9. SGarlockDavis, always looking for tools to help improve the quality of my son’s academic life. Lord knows the traditional school setting is definitely not sensory enough for him or even the average student.

  10. I wonder if this would help our little ones from tipping their chairs while eating and doing school work. Hmmmm…. Great idea!

  11. I am so graciously thankful for this amazing supportive website….my daughter, a strong single mom struggled for years until her own research and experiences found a local dr.educated in psd………..since joining this group, she now knows she is not alone and feels comfort in the support and understanding the other members offer.I would like to place a chance of winning the wobble seats for my granddaughter. In hopes it could help encourage and engage better concentration in her after school homework.which my daughter struggles with daily…..thank you again to whomever created this wonder website….and for the marvelous books available. ~ nana ~

  12. I swear I posted yesterday about this but I don’t see it! I left my reply on the board, “mrsbuelna” would love to win this!

  13. I registered as pepperpot on the forums. I’ve had my eye on the wiggle seat for a while, wondering if it could help my son at school.

  14. joined the forum as sofiasmommy. would love one of these seats for home because I have seen how great it works in occupational therapy with my daughter. it helps her focus on the task at hand and to stay in her seat and do what the OT is asking her to do.

  15. New to this, but have been struggling with B for years trying to get the help needed. I think she would benefit from this for sure.
    dlphngrl5 is my screen name. Thank You for having this site for all of us.

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