Let’s Celebrate! 5000 people can’t be wrong: we are truly NOT alone.

partyToday I taught a class on d.i.y. publishing. While you all probably know that I edited and contributed to Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, you may not know that I published the book through my small publishing company, DRT Press, which I started in 2003. I now have 5 books under my belt (3 successful, one so-so, and one a terrible flop), 2 more to come out this year, and 3 more in the works. So yes, people sometimes come to the workshops I have on how they can publish books of their own.

Anyway, at the workshop I was talking about how many, many hours I’ve put into marketing Easy to Love but Hard to Raise and one of the participants asked me how much money I estimate I’ve made per hour when all was said and done and I QUICKLY said I don’t want to do the math because it would be pennies…but two minutes later I was showing them this blog and the Facebook page and I saw the number 4999 and I REMEMBERED: It’s not the money. It’s the community. Because while yes, of course we created a book to make money, the added, spectacular bonus that has come from the book and the blog is knowing that ALL OF YOU are out there! Every single day someone writes and says ‘thank you for what you do.’ EVERY DAY.

So, in honor of that 4999 turning to 5000 connections, I want to give something back. And what I have to give are books! Yay, books! I will mail out 5! So enter. You’ll probably win!

Here’s how it will work. YOU will comment on this blog post and tell us one great thing that being part of our community has done for you. Include your email address – it’s ok to say adrienne (at) whatever.com if you are worried about spammers but you have to put an email address or I have no way to contact you. To win you also have to be part of our Facebook community – so if you’re coming at this give-away another way, be sure to hop on over there and LIKE us.

And that’s it! I’ll give a book away every day this week, starting tomorrow the 29th.

Love you! ~Adrienne


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59 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate! 5000 people can’t be wrong: we are truly NOT alone.

  1. What I love about this is that you have given parents of ETL’s a forum to reach out to others who walk the same path. It’s not always easy to find people “in real life” who get life with a special needs child, so I am thankful to have an online community for the support and ability to just vent or commiserate.

  2. This place has been more than a godsend for me. Before i.was recomended to you guys i felt horribly alone. Day after day after day i wondered how my son and i would make it thru all this with monthly med changes and every other month a new dx added. But then a good friend told me someons had told her about you guys so i looked you up, and that was all she wrote. Daily, good days and bad days ive never felt so accepted. Never felt like we belonged. I post fairly often and comment quite a bit but read everything posted just about everyday. And to be honest aome days i feel that thats my only sanity. So thank you. Everyone here. All the fellow parents, and anyone and everyone else thats helped me and my son. I can honestly say i dont know where id be without you!

  3. This page has helped me realize I am not alone and to get some good help & advice. As well as to learn what has helped other people. It’s a place where I can ask questions that most of my friends would not have answers for. zann411 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. I love knowing that my story is not unique, I am not alone! Can’t wait.to.go to.the conference

  5. I love reading about other moms situations with their ETL’s. It makes me feel not alone! I also appreciate the feedback from other parents to my questions and others questions as it helps me learn a lot! 🙂

  6. I really like reading others thoughts and trials. It helps me know that I am not alone. Everyday I read where someone elses ETL is doing this or that and I think hey mine does that exact same thing too, it helps to see that its just not my kid. I also like how anyone can ask something or post something and sooo many people respond with helpful advice and well wishes! You all are awesome! I do not have the book yet but have been wanting one for awhile. Thanks for a great giveaway! cherriegray@hotmail.com.

  7. Love this page because I have found a 5000 + Support Group of people whose normal life includes many of the challenges that our life includes on a daily basis. It is great to give and get support & encouragement, be able to vent without judgement, and realize we are far from alone in our ETL journey.

  8. I just saw your page today on another page I “liked”, and there is already a giveaway. Yay! 🙂 I look forward to seeing posts and being a part of the page.

  9. Reading your book and being part of this great community has inspired me to start giving away your book as an inspiration and confort for many parents like”us”. So thank you Adrienne for being such a rallyer and i’m looking forward for the next one as are the teachers who work in my school!!!

  10. I best part about the facebook page is that I get to read similar issues that others are going through just like mine. It is reassuring I am not going through this alone.

    Thanks so much
    from Athens, Texas.

  11. I understand my son and his struggles better now and I know that we aren’t alone in this 🙂 Thanks!!!!

  12. I like hearing about what others are doing – always looking for new ideas. kander04 at aol dot com

  13. I love reading how others handle the challenges of parenting and ADHD child. The facebook community has really helped me cope. I’m able to let go of my anxiety and be a better mom because most days I get to read about at least one kid’s successes.

  14. It is great to have a place to come to where people understand what it is like living this life. So little support out here in the real world. We are raising three extra children, two with FASD. I have not been able to purchase the book and would love to read it. Thanks for all you have shared about FASD! It has helped so much!

  15. In my son’s class he may be the only “special needs” child, but here I am one of five thousand strong! sflofamily(at)aol.com

  16. For me being part of a community like this is the knowledge you gain. Different medicines work differently for different kids and had I not know this we would either be stuck on a med that was horrible for our child or none at all but instead we pushed back at the doctor and tried a few others and found one that has worked the best for our child. It’s a more educated journey. Plus misery loves company 😉 (that was meant in the best way!)

  17. I want to THANK not just you that makes this site great but EVERYONE who is part of the many followers, the community! If it wasn’t for everyone NEEDING support I wouldn’t be able to find support! I really want to read this book but couldn’t find it at my local library and with all the costs of my ETL I just can’t or just can’t spend the money right now on your book even though I really want to it is one of those that I can’t do yet. So I would love to win one what awesome thing would that be. So because Family isn’t there for me I’m happy this site is and that there is no judgements! susankerkstra (at) gmail (dot) com.

  18. I have realized how lucky I am to have an ETL who is so “easy” most days. I have learned some great tips for the off days, and I have learned that a lot of things that we find frustrating are not because my ETL is being difficult its because she is an ETL and can’t help it. Thank you so much

  19. I am a very new member of your Facebook community and I just love having a place to go where I am reminded that I am not alone. That there are other parents having the same troubles, issues, and feelings that I’m having. I love the idea that if a parent is struggling with something, other parents can share what has and hasn’t worked for them with their children. I love having somewhere to go where I am not being judged, or being told I am a bad parent, or that my kid just lacks dicipline. Thank you for giving parents a place to gather and fell supported!

  20. Being part of this community has shown me that I AM NOT ALONE! That as much as it is a struggle to raise my little one, I’m not alone in this struggle. And there are many, many, more like us out there.

  21. it’s nice to see we are not alone — that’s how it helps. that feeling alone is worth it’s proverbial weight in gold. wrekehavoc (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. I love this page. I love that I feel normal reading about other people’s issues. I love that moms come together with questions, concerns and triumphs! It also helps put me in my place, while our issues are overwhelming for me, it could always be so much worse. It’s a good kick in the pants for me:) Thank you for this page!

  23. In a place where people just DONT GET IT….this fb page has gotten me through many, MANY hard days(nights), just knowing that I AM NOT ALONE in this! There ARE a lot of others who truly KNOW how I feel, how I hurt and what I go through! Super excited for a chance!

  24. Guess my email I put ^^up there…doesnt show up…… so here is my email lol

  25. I am eternally grateful for the amount of support and helpful ideas I’ve gotten from this group while pursuing IEPs for my 2 kids with different diagnoses. Not sure where I would be without the knowledge that others have done this, and what they found helpful
    princessssmscott (at) Gmail.com

  26. Finding this community has been a wonderful thing. The answersI got as I faced starting meds with one of my ETLs was so helpful and really helped me feel better about my decsion.my email is chickenwing_18@yahoo.com

  27. I Want To Say Your Site Not Only Helped Me But Many Others That I Have Told Them About Your Site. It Is Nice To Read That You Are Not Alone Even If I’m One That At First Never Posted. Now I’m One That Post Often And Happy To Get Other Thoughts And Ideas Of My Issue At The Time Or Just To Rant And Let It All When You Need To With A Group That Has Been There Before. I Haven’t Read Your Book Yet But Would Love To!

  28. Being part of this community has reminded me that I am not alone. In the midst of a hard day or a beautiful victory that no one else would understand it is such a comfort to know that thousands of other parents are out there and they get it. michelle (at) lavarock.com

  29. do you have a special needs child? is this how you came to write your books?

  30. I recommend the book to all the professionals we work with. I love the Facebook feed and some of the solutions this very giving community offers to posters. It is a blessing.

  31. Was the 3rd one to post but forgot to leave my email. This group has helped my son and i more than anything i have found since we started our trials and tribulations. Been trying to get my library to get the book so i can read it because right now i just cant afford to buy it. They said there wasnt enough of a demand for it. They have a couple that ive checked out but nothing really thats been very helpful. Thanks for always being there for us. Mommakaverman3@gmail.com

  32. I am so glad I found this community. It let me know I am not alone. WorkingmomsmeetupATgmail.com

  33. I have followed your fb page for several months now and find the advice and support overwhelming at times. Listening to the agony, frustration and pride we parents of ETLs experience brings tears to my eyes. I am a parent of an ETL, I also have ADHD and I am a therapist. I’ve done more research than I can even remember now, but your fb page provides so much more than the research – it allows us to feel supported by others “in the trenches.”

    • I forgot to add that I would love to have a copy of your book to share with my clients experiencing the same struggles we endure.

  34. Love your site – my friend referred me to it and so far its been great for helping me get perspective and more importantly – HOPE!! Thanks!
    emfalle (at) hotmail.com

  35. I can’t say how much it helps to read that so many other parents struggle with raising their “special needs” child. To know that I am not alone in the frustration, tears and arguments is a tremendous comfort to me. To be honest, this is my first time visiting the blog (I normally follow the Facebook group), but this will not be my last visit! Thank you!

    • For the entry, I forgot to mention that my e-mail is theycallmelisa (at) gmail (dot) com


  36. The thing I love most about this group is the camaraderie. We support each other, encourage each other, cry on each others shoulders, let each other vent and just as importantly, make each other laugh. I’m not alone and I’m reminded of that with every interaction with this group. Thank you all!

  37. Adrienne you know how I feel about this book and website. I have already given away several copies of the book and have others in mind who need to read it too. Thank you for the book, website, and FB page – it means the world the me!
    Kelly krtsinohio@aol.com

  38. Sharing others’ journeys with their ETL’s has helped me in so many ways to work through my own ETL’s situations. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful and when I’ve asked for advice or wanted to see if anyone else’s child has experienced what my child has, I was amazed and overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and recommendations. We are all in this together and the ETL community has given us all a place to go where we can be ourselves and brag or vent. I’m so thankful to have found it!!!

  39. This blog has helped me not feel alone in this world of my sons many doctors meds and just things he does knowing that am not alone has made my day easier thank you

  40. Going for another shot at the freebie 🙂 I want to read and pass along this to another in hopes it helps them as much as me and my family! Thanks <3

  41. I really would like to win a copy of your book. I haven’t read it yet and it isn’t in my local library or at my local store. This site has helped me understand my Aspie son and his meds that he is on. I recently took in a 19 year old possible Bi Polar young Adult and without this site I do not have anyone to turn to. I have recommended your site to several others even without ETL children just so they can open their eyes to what we go through on a daily basis. I know others with ETL children understand but this site doesn’t just help us it helps the ones that just do not understand our ETL kids!! I really would love to read your book and pass it along to friends/family that have doubts or just do not understand my ETL children so they can “GET” it or at least “START” to understand it. Please consider me for the free copy I would be grateful. Thanks susankerkstra@gmail.com

  42. I am truly blessed to have found your sight. I was new to the ADD and ADHD and possible ODD and had nowhere to turn. No one seemed to understand what we as a family were going through and the obstacles we face everyday. This sight has helped me to see that I am not alone and that there are others that understand and are facing the same things that I am. Thank you so much for creating this sight and giving all of us a chance to express our frustrations and to get advice and opinions from other parents

  43. Hope I can win a book!! This community has made our situation less lonely, more aware that there are other children out there dealing with similar battles and families loving them through each and every minuet of them! Thanks for helping me feel human vs. an alien/ outcast ***hugs*** Estrella at estrellad84@gmail.com

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