Jan 31

Kay’s three wishes for parents of “hard to raise” kids

My sweet and sassy girl!

Compiling and editing the book Easy to Love but Hard to Raise has been a fascinating and rewarding process. (Unfortunately, the process is still in process. In other words, I need to quit blogging and get the thing done!) Nearly 30 parents contributed essays to the book; stories about what it’s really like to parent a challenging child. And while each parent’s journey is unique, it’s the similarities in their (our) experiences that most surprised me.

When the essays are read collectively certain patterns emerge; of feelings, experiences, and stages that a parent can expect to go through in the course of parenting a challenging child. Together, these common experiences reveal an archetype of Everyparent of a an Easy to Love, but... child. While the parent essays are the heart of the book, this Everyparent construct is its biggest gift. I believe it will offer parents much-needed opportunities for self-awareness, acceptance, and healing.

If you’re interested in learning more, you’ll have your chance when the book is  released! But this post from my additudemag.com ADHD parenting blog offers a fortune cookie-sized taste of what the Easy to Love, but… Everyparent will teach us.  Click here to whet your appetite!