Jan 04

Transition to 504

In November I attended my almost-8-year-old twins’ annual Individualized Education Plan (IEP) review. They have IEP’s because three years ago they qualified under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as developmentally delayed in the areas of social/behavioral and adaptive behavior. Just like many of the families who read and post here, behavior is what our world revolves around, both at home and school. The meeting was productive, attended by their teachers, the principal, the speech pathologist, the occupational therapist (OT), and the special education supervisor. The difficult part of the discussion for me was when the special ed. supervisor broke the news that next fall, when it was time to retest the boys at age 8 ¾, she didn’t expect them to qualify under IDEA. The speech pathologist and OT agreed. (photo courtesy of pathtofatloss.com)

We worked hard and were lucky to get them help in preschool so that when they entered kindergarten, there was an aid in the classroom. In first grade they had daily pull outs to learn social skills and behavior management with a part-time aid in the classroom that also helped other integrated special ed. children. With that early intervention and on-going treatment of their metabolic disorder, my boys have gradually improved. They’ve learned how to manage their sensitivity in a public school setting, and this year we’re working hard to help Tristan learn to manage his generalized anxiety.

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